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Amountsort icon Category Year Awarded by

Over one year to employ a Campaigns Co-ordinator to develop new campaigns to defend civil liberties and human rights in the UK.

£34,681 Liberty 2004 JRRT
Black Mental Health UK

over 1 year to continue to campaign for an independent public inquiry into the number of black deaths in custody with a specific focus on mental health


£34,468 Democracy 2013 JRRT
FPA Northern Ireland

to campaign for abortion law reform in Northern Ireland

£34,140 Liberty 2017 JRSST

Over one year to enable Compass to appoint an organiser.

£33,750 Raw Politics 2003 JRRT
Privacy International

to press for the Protection of Freedoms Bill to become law

£33,750 Liberty 2011 JRRT
Make Votes Matter

campaign for the introduction of Proportional Representation

£33,492 Democracy 2017 JRRT
Action on Rights for Children

To continue to campaign on children's rights issues.

£33,250 Liberty 2010 JRRT
Unlock Democracy

to develop their e-campaigning capacity.

£33,000 Democracy 2010 JRRT
Undercover Research Group

fight for justice for politically active people who have been spied upon by undercover police.

£32,700 Liberty 2017 JRRT

digital campaigning for civil society and grassroots groups

£32,500 Democracy 2016 JRRT
One Yorkshire Committee

to persuade the Government to approve plans for a Mayor for Yorkshire supported by a cabinet of Yorkshire council leaders by 2020 

£32,500 Democracy 2018 JRRT
Police Spies Out of Lives

to campaign for an end to the sexual and psychological abuse of campaigners by undercover police officers

£32,260 Liberty 2016 JRRT
Green Lions

Towards an outreach/engagement campaign to raise awareness of the privacy issues for audiences at screenings of the documentary 'Erasing David'.

£31,000 Liberty 2009 JRRT
Open Rights Group

To support the campaign for digital rights.

£30,000 Liberty 2007 JRRT
Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT)

Over two years to assist their campaigning work.

£30,000 Peace 2007 JRRT
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