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New Politics Network

To work towards securing party funding legislation that strengthens lcoal political parties and enhances their ability to campaign and engage the electorate.

£26,600 Democracy 2006 JRRT
New Politics Network

Over two years to campaign for political party funding reform that will strengthen local political parties and enhance their ability to communicate with and involve the electorate.

£48,046 Democracy 2004 JRRT
New Politics Network

To undertake a small scale study into the levels of activism in local political parties.

£9,000 Democracy 2003 JRRT

To re-launch the tactical voting website.

£3,000 Democracy 2005 JRRT

For Women2Win towards the cost of offering intensive training to women during the selection process in order increase the number of Conservative women MPs.

£10,000 Democracy 2007 JRRT
Bradford Resource Centre

Over two years to undertake work in Keighley and the surrounding area.

£16,000 Raw Politics 2005 JRRT
Race Equality West Midlands

Towards the publication of a guide for local authorities.

£2,850 Raw Politics 2006