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Amount Category Yearsort icon Awarded by
Comprehensive Future

To carry out research into the composition and admission processes of publicly funded faith secondary schools in London.

£5,000 Issues 2006 JRSST
Corporate Watch

To research, write and distribute a report into some of the key companies involved in the UK ’s nuclear industry.

£5,000 Issues 2006 JRSST
Localise West Midlands

For a feasibility study to make recommendations that could form the basis of a campaign for the West Midlands Office of National Statistics to adopt and develop regional inflation and household income indicators.

£5,000 Issues 2006 JRSST
Road Block

Towards a handbook for local anti-roads campaigners.

£8,311 Issues 2006 JRRT
Tescopoly Alliance

To support their campaign for key legislative demands, including a binding code of conduct for supermarkets in their dealings with suppliers and an independent supermarket watchdog.

£4,500 Issues 2006 JRRT
Action on Rights for Children

over 9 months to assist their campaigning around children’s privacy issues.

£28,000 Liberty 2006 JRRT
Adelphi Charter

towards the production of a report with recommendations to show why The Adelphi Charter's principles should be applied in the UK and how it could be done.

£3,500 Liberty 2006 JRSST
Corporate Watch

Towards a briefing on the companies which would be involved in the implementation of ID cards and the National Identity Register.

£2,950 Liberty 2006 JRRT
NO2ID - Stopping the Database State

To assist with developing their grassroots network.

£5,000 Liberty 2006 JRRT
NO2ID - Stopping the Database State

To assist with their on-going campaign against ID cards and the proposed National Identity Register.

£54,000 Liberty 2006 JRRT
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