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Camp for Climate Action Legal Team

Additional funding to assist the team to effectively protect the civil liberties of those who excercise their right to protest, responding to the media interest following the G20 protests. (July 2009)

£5,000 Liberty 2009 JRRT

Towards a Citizens' Convention on the future of MP's expenses held on 4th June 2009.

£5,000 Democracy 2009 JRSST
Council of Ex-Muslims of Britain

Towards a seminar on Sharia Law in Britain.

£5,000 Liberty 2009 JRRT
Bright Blue

Seed funding to facilitate debate on 'progressive Conservatism'

£5,000 Democracy 2010 JRRT

Towards their online Democracy Club accountability project.

£5,000 Democracy 2010 JRSST
Liberal Democrats

towards campaign expenditure in a 'held' Liberal Democrat seat.

£5,000 Raw Politics 2010 JRRT

towards their project 'Women & the Media', an election charter to urge MPs to address media portrayl of women, given its links with violence and discrimination against women and girls.

£5,000 Liberty 2010 JRRT
Royal Commonwealth Society

to organise an observation mission of Commonwealth citizens to the 2010 UK elections.

£5,000 Democracy 2010 JRSST
Manifesto Club

towards a campaign against the restriction of leafleting in public spaces across the UK.

£5,000 Issues 2010 JRRT
Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism

towards the cost of disseminating a report from the Institute's seminar examining charitable and trust ownership of news organisations.

£5,000 Issues 2010 JRSST
Alliance for Choice Northern Ireland

to raise awareness amongst owmen of existing abortion law in Northern Ireland and begin the process of redressing both the misinformation and the fear among women in talking about abortion.

£5,000 Liberty 2010 JRRT
Unlock Democracy

towards the running of VoteMatch in the Irish General Election held on 25th February 2011

£5,000 Democracy 2011 JRRT
Black Mental Health UK

to campaign for provisions in the Protection of Freedom Bill to ensure that the records of innocent people, currently on the Police National Computer and Police National Database, are removed at the same time that their DNA samples are destroyed

£5,000 Liberty 2011 JRRT
GeneWatch UK

towards their campaign against indefinite police retention of DNA

£5,000 Liberty 2011 JRRT
Tom Brake MP

towards a review of the Liberal Democrat policy on policing

£5,000 Democracy 2011 JRRT
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