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Amount Categorysort icon Year Awarded by
Bite the Ballot

over 2 years to campaign for the political parties' manifestos to contain issues of concern to young people and to increase voter registration.

£84,280 Democracy 2013 JRRT
Intern Aware

over 22 months to continue to campaign for fair internships.

£27,800 Democracy 2013 JRRT
Black Mental Health UK

over 1 year to continue to campaign for an independent public inquiry into the number of black deaths in custody with a specific focus on mental health


£34,468 Democracy 2013 JRRT
Commission on Civil Society and Democratic Engagement

contribution to wok on the Lobbying Bill, recognising the unsatisfactory way the Bill has been put together and the lack on consultation prior to trying to force it through Parliament

£2,000 Democracy 2013 JRRT
Red Pepper

over one year to assist Red Pepper to support progressive causes in advance of the 2015 General Election

£27,500 Democracy 2013 JRRT
Electoral Reform Society

towards the cost of a research project on public attitudes to state funding for political parties

£7,500 Democracy 2013 JRRT
English PEN

over one year for a campaign to ensure that the provisions of the Defamation Act 2013 are fully implemented by the Northern Ireland Assembly and the Scottish Executive

£23,969 Democracy 2014 JRSST
Unlock Democracy

with Spinwatch, over 2 years, for a 'Transparency Portal' to assist with campaigning for lobbying transparency and party funding reform in the run up to and after the 2015 General Election

£42,000 Democracy 2014 JRRT
Labour Campaign for Human Rights

to build a coalition within the Labour movement behind the European Convention on Human Rights and the Human Rights Act

£5,000 Democracy 2014 JRRT
Ben Lyons

towards a scoping exercise for an inquiry into intergenerational justice in Britain

£5,000 Democracy 2014 JRSST
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