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Amount Categorysort icon Year Awarded by
New Internationalist

to provide progressive campaigns with an alternative media platform

£7,500 Democracy 2017 JRRT
Democracy Volunteers

to observe and assess the level of voter impersonation and family voting at the June 2017 General Election


£3,500 Democracy 2017 JRRT
More United

to build the More United movement

£58,636 Democracy 2016 JRRT
Campaign Together

for a campaign promoting tactical canvassing amongst progressives

£7,300 Democracy 2017 JRRT

Progressive alliance work in the lead up to the General Election

£10,000 Democracy 2017 JRRT
Newspeak House

to assist progressive campaigns in the lead up to the General Election

£7,500 Democracy 2017 JRRT
Who Targets Me?

to gather data on how Facebook ads are used in the 2017 General Election

£7,500 Democracy 2017 JRRT
Unlock Democracy

towards the Great Repeal Bill Civil Society co-ordination

£10,000 Democracy 2017 JRRT

digital campaigning for civil society and grassroots groups

£32,500 Democracy 2016 JRRT

to assist Civil Society with digital campaigning

£6,000 Democracy 2017 JRRT
Make Votes Matter

campaign for the introduction of Proportional Representation

£33,492 Democracy 2017 JRRT

campaigning for Executive accountability to Parliament on the EU (Withdrawal) Bill

£5,000 Democracy 2017 JRRT

to expose business lobbying around the Great Repeal Bill

£7,500 Democracy 2017 JRRT

Learning the lessons of the 2017 election 'ground game'

£4,665 Democracy 2017 JRRT

for a campaign to promote neo-localism as a political concept

£6,300 Democracy 2017 JRRT
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