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For Our Daughters

towards a campaign against sexist homicide

£5,000 Liberty 2011 JRRT
Protection Against Stalking

seed funding for the campaign

£5,000 Liberty 2011 JRSST
Open Rights Group

to oppose a series of websitte censorship/blocking proposals before they become legislative or operational voluntary schemes

£5,000 Liberty 2011 JRRT

tpwards their campaign for a statutory register of lobbyists


£5,000 Liberty 2011 JRRT
Network for Progress Ltd

to develop a network of progressive donors to identify opportunities and fund progressive institutions

£5,000 Democracy 2011 JRRT
Compass with Renewal and NEF

towards the setting up of a website to launch the project 'In the Public Interest'

£5,000 Democracy 2011 JRRT
Education for Choice

to address the lack of good quality education about pregnancy decision-making and abortion in English schools

£5,000 Liberty 2012 JRSST
University of Lincoln School of Journalism

for a pilot project to establish a charitable news organisation

£5,000 Issues 2012 JRSST
Fabian Society

to investigate how non-voters feel about the culture of party politics

£5,000 Democracy 2012 JRRT
Black Mental Health UK

to campaign to ensure that investigations into deaths in custody and detention under the Mental Health Act are included in the Home Affairs Select Committee Inquiry into the Independent Police Complaints Commission

£5,000 Liberty 2012 JRRT
Bright Blue

towards the production and printing of Tory Modernisation 2:0: a progressive vision for the future of the Conservative Party

£5,000 Democracy 2012 JRRT

towards the redevelopment of the Spinwatch website

£5,000 Democracy 2012 JRRT
Impress Project

to assist the Independent Monitor for the Press to establish a Leveson-compliant press regulator that protects free speech.

£5,000 Issues 2014 JRRT
Labour Campaign for Human Rights

to build a coalition within the Labour movement behind the European Convention on Human Rights and the Human Rights Act

£5,000 Democracy 2014 JRRT
Ben Lyons

towards a scoping exercise for an inquiry into intergenerational justice in Britain

£5,000 Democracy 2014 JRSST
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