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Amount Category Yearsort icon Awarded by
Welsh Liberal Democrats

to campaign in the run up to the 2016 Welsh Assembly Elections

£40,000 Raw Politics 2015 JRRT
Corporate Watch

to campaign for care home companies to provide a better standard of care and pay carers properly

£7,475 Issues 2015 JRRT
Democratic Audit

towards the development of the Democratic Dashboard, a voter information web portal to highlight the benefits of alterantive electoral systems

£29,370 Democracy 2015 JRSST
Red Pepper

to develop media tools that will boost the impact of campaigns

£6,500 Democracy 2015 JRRT
Rainbow Project Northern Ireland

to campaign on LGBT issues in the lead up to the Northern Ireland Assembly Elections

£22,600 Liberty 2015 JRSST
Democracy Club

to create an online tool to enable anyone to find their polling station

£21,250 Democracy 2015 JRSST
Future Housing Review

to lobby for a review of shared ownership housing options and amend the Housing & Planning Bill to include a duty on local authorities to promote better shared ownership models

£6,000 Issues 2015 JRRT
Bowers & Lucas

towards a collectionof essays on how the progressive forces in British politics can work together

£7,500 Democracy 2015 JRRT
Alliance Party of Northern Ireland

to campaign in the lead up to the 2016 Northern Ireland Assembly elections

£35,000 Raw Politics 2015 JRRT
Genewatch UK

over 2 years to campaign to ensure that genetic data can be used in the NHS when medically usefu but not collected from the whole population, stored indefinitely or exploited commercially

£24,420 Liberty 2015 JRRT