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Amountsort icon Category Year Awarded by
Jackson, Dr Peter

Towards investigations into a potential breach of mandatory UN resolutions in respect of the purchase of arms from South Africa.


£2,000 Peace 2005 JRRT
Harvey, John

to produce a report on organophosphate use for the All Party Parliamentary Group on Organophosphates.


£2,000 Issues 2005 JRSST
Democratic Audit

To support the launch of 'The Unspoken Constitution'.

£2,000 Democracy 2009 JRSST
Commission on Civil Society and Democratic Engagement

contribution to wok on the Lobbying Bill, recognising the unsatisfactory way the Bill has been put together and the lack on consultation prior to trying to force it through Parliament

£2,000 Democracy 2013 JRRT
National Assembly Against Racism

Towards a campaign on the impact of ID cards on black and minority ethnic communities.

£2,235 Liberty 2005 JRRT
Lesbian & Gay Foundation

To produce and disseminate two newsletters to Manchester schools as part of an anti-bullying project supporting young Lesbian and Gay people.