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Amount Category Yearsort icon Awarded by
Action on Rights for Children

To campaign on the right to confidentiality in the provision of young people's sexual health services.

£3,000 Liberty 2005 JRRT
Action on Rights for Children

To campaign to stop truancy sweeps.

£3,000 Liberty 2005 JRRT
ASBO Concern

Towards a campaign against Anti-Social Behaviour Orders.

£3,000 Liberty 2005 JRRT
English Collective of Prostitutes

Towards the cost of a conference on prostitution held in December 2004: No Bad Women, No Bad Children, Just Bad Laws.

£2,000 Liberty 2005 JRRT
National Assembly Against Racism

Towards a campaign on the impact of ID cards on black and minority ethnic communities.

£2,235 Liberty 2005 JRRT
NO2ID - Stopping the Database State

To assist with their campaign against ID cards and the proposed National Identity Register.

£19,000 Liberty 2005 JRRT
Open Rights Group

Towards a campaign to protect and defend digital rights in the UK.

£2,958 Liberty 2005 JRRT
Campaign Against Depleted Uranium

Over one year to raise awareness of the uses and dangers of depleted uranium.

£10,000 Peace 2005 JRRT
Zimbabwe Association Ltd.

To set up a Bail Fund for Zimbabwean asylum seekers.

£3,000 Peace 2005 JRSST

Over nine months towards the cost of research.

£8,100 Raw Politics 2005 JRSST

Towards core costs.

£25,275 Raw Politics 2005 JRRT
Keighley Liberal Democrats

towards General Election campaign literature.

£1,250 Raw Politics 2005 JRRT
Kennedy, Prof Liam

Towards his campaign as independent candidate for West Belfast in the General Election.

£1,000 Raw Politics 2005 JRRT
Searchlight Educational Trust

To support community work in London.

£25,324 Raw Politics 2005 JRSST
Hay & Rose, Professors

to fund an analysis of a chemical sample suspected of being a new riot-control agent used against civilians on the West Bank. The research was published as: "Skin injuries caused by new riot control agent used against civilians on the West Bank" by Hay

£1,692 Issues 2005 JRSST
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