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Conservative Group for Europe

to develop their website and party conference magazine.

£5,000 Democracy 2008 JRRT
Unlock Democracy

To pilot VoteMatch London, an online voters' educational tool.

£5,000 Democracy 2008 JRRT

To support a campaign to establish a 'progressive consensus' for change in Britain in advance of the next General Election.

£44,000 Democracy 2008 JRRT
Unlock Democracy

Over 2 years to build on the 'Purity of Elections' research and support a campaign for change in advance of the next General Election.

£101,466 Democracy 2008 JRRT
General Election Monitoring Project (New Politics Network now Unlock Democracy)

To monitor the amount and quality of communication between political parties and the electorate during the 2005 General Election. The full report, "General Election 2005 - A voter's Eye View", by Justin Fisher of Brunel University was published in Autumn

£5,000 Democracy 2004 JRRT
Corporate Watch

towards their 'Democracy Ltd: Corporate Rule' project.

£10,000 Democracy 2008 JRSST
Unlock Democracy

To develop VoteMatch for the European Elections.

£24,600 Democracy 2008 JRRT
Lord Tyler

Towards the preparation of a Private Member's Bill on Constitutional Renewal.

£3,000 Democracy 2009 JRRT

To assist the campaign.

£45,000 Democracy 2009 JRRT

Towards a Citizens' Convention on the future of MP's expenses held on 4th June 2009.

£5,000 Democracy 2009 JRSST
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