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Liberal Democrats - The Office of the Leader of the Lib Dems

Over 18 months from December 2008 to support the office of the Leader of the Liberal Democrats.

£105,000 Raw Politics 2008 JRRT
Make Votes Matter

to campaign for Proportional Representation during 2018

£109,758 Democracy 2017 JRRT
Alliance Party of Northern Ireland

over 5 years to support liberal change in Stormont

£150,000 Raw Politics 2016 JRRT
Liberal Democrats

towards their General Election campaign

£230,000 Raw Politics 2017 JRRT
Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors

over 3 years 10 months towards local campaigning infrastructure

£270,293 Raw Politics 2011 JRRT
Liberal Democrats

towards the cost of campaigning in target seats.

£350,000 Raw Politics 2010 JRRT
Yes to Fairer Votes

towards the campaign for a Yes vote in the AV Referendum.

£400,000 Democracy 2010 JRRT
POWER Inquiry/Citizens' Inquiry

Over two years. Jointly funded by JRRT and our sister Trust, Joseph Rowntree Charitable Trust, to mark our centenary year, the POWER Inquiry aimed to understand why the decline in popular participation and involvement in formal politics has occurred an

£410,000 Democracy 2004 JRSST
Association of Liberal Democrat Councillors

up to £480,000 over 5 years to develop campaign infrastructure in England & Wales

£480,000 Raw Politics 2015 JRRT
Liberal Democrats

Towards the campaigning costs for the local elections and the 2005 General Election.

£500,000 Raw Politics 2004 JRRT
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