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Centre for Women & Democracy, Leeds

Towards the Centre's 2008 International Women's Day Project aiming to generate interest in mainstream politics amongst young women and girls.

£4,795 Democracy 2008 JRSST
Aegis Trust

For a campaign to change UK law on crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide.

£4,800 Peace 2008 JRSST
Positive Money

towards a campaign to raise awareness of the democratic deficit int he banking system.

£4,800 Issues 2011 JRSST
Camp for Climate Action Legal Team

To enable the legal team to more effectively protect the civil liberties of those who exercise their right to protest.

£4,825 Liberty 2009 JRRT

(July)towards the campaign for the re-categorisation of lap dancing clubs as sex encounter establishments.

£4,850 Liberty 2008 JRRT
Action on Rights for Children

To investigate the effect of sexual health policy on young people.

£4,850 Liberty 2009 JRRT
Conflicts Forum

Towards an Economics Conference to provide a forum of understanding between Western-based economics experts and their Muslim counterparts.

£4,865 Peace 2006 JRSST
World Development Movement

Towards the WDM’s UK Airports, Climate Change & Global Justice campaign to bring about changes within the UK aviation industry

£4,873 Issues 2007 JRRT
Faslane 365

Towards Faslane 365's 'Where Next?' strategy workshop, celebratory event and final blockade of the Trident base at Faslane.

£4,900 Peace 2007 JRRT

towards the production of a briefing paper on the effect of lowering the voting age to 16.

£4,900 Democracy 2010 JRSST
David Boyle

to assist him to secure policy commitments during 2014 for an effective local banking infrastructure

£4,900 Raw Politics 2014 JRRT

to survey and compare university policies that have a negative impact on free speech and free thought.

£4,900 Liberty 2014 JRRT
Professor George Peden & Sir Alan Peacock

for their project on merging National Insurance and Income Tax

£4,908 Democracy 2011 JRSST
Actions Speak Louder

towards a website that will enable people to find out which campaigning groups are active in their area.

£4,950 Democracy 2006 JRSST
Greaves, Bernard

to assist with writing a booklet "The Theory & Practice of Community Economics", for use as a campaigning tool.


£4,950 Raw Politics 2008 JRRT
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