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Amount Category Yearsort icon Awarded by
Vote for Policies

to set up the UK Policy Tracker to drive greater accountability of governments to their election manifesto promises

£6,940 Democracy 2016 JRRT
Standing Committee for Youth Justice

for policy and legislative reform across the youth justice system following the publication of the Youth Justice Review by the MoJ

£36,000 Liberty 2016 JRRT
More United

to build the More United movement

£58,636 Democracy 2016 JRRT
Hacked Off Campaign

over 7 months to campaing for the commencement of Section 40 of the Crime and Courts Act.

£42,600 Issues 2016 JRRT

digital campaigning for civil society and grassroots groups

£32,500 Democracy 2016 JRRT
Twenty-Twenty Project

to foster co-operation across the centre-left.

£29,000 Democracy 2016 JRRT

creating a Voter Advice Application for young people

£5,000 Democracy 2015 JRSST
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament

over 2 years to campaign against replacing the Trident nuclear weapons system

£55,000 Peace 2015 JRRT
Forces Watch

to campaign to raise the age of armed forces recruitment in the UK from 16 to 18

£21,250 Liberty 2015 JRRT
FPA in Northern Ireland

to challenge anti-choice rhetoric and increase political support and commitment for a woman’s right to access an abortion

£20,000 Liberty 2015 JRSST

to provide independent local journalism covering 50 of the most marginal seats in the 2015 election

£2,644 Democracy 2015 JRRT

over 1 year to continue to work to protect medical confidentiality, building public trust in legitimate uses of medical information by ensuring that data in and out of the NHS is consensual, safe and transparent.

£53,370 Liberty 2015 JRRT
Open Rights Group

over 17 months to continue to work with the Don't Spy on Us Coalition to oppose the new Government's plans for mass state surveillance capabilities being given to police and intelligence agencies.

£72,800 Liberty 2015 JRRT
Fantasy Frontbench

towards the technical development, maintenance and marketing of the online platform

£4,664 Democracy 2015 JRRT
Legal Aid Team

to support their campaign to highlight cuts to legal aid

£5,000 Democracy 2015 JRRT
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