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Democratic Audit

towards a report on the lessons that can be learnt for election campaigning and political engagement in Britain from the Bradford West by-election

£4,950 Democracy 2012 JRSST
Catriona Burness

towards the production of an online Handbook on Women & Parliament in the UK to assist campaigners for an increase in women's parliamentary representation.

£4,969 Democracy 2010 JRSST

to complete a software suite of applications designed to keep protesters safe, informed and mobile during demonstrations

£4,976 Democracy 2011 JRRT
English Collective of Prostitutes

to initiate an independent Parliamentary Inquiry into the prostitution laws to improve the safety and rights of sex workers

£4,988 Liberty 2013 JRRT
Post Bank Coalition

to campaign for a publicly owned bank based in the Post Office network.

£4,990 Issues 2010 JRRT
Action on Rights for Children

To assist ARCH to continue its work on child tracking issues. 

£4,991 Liberty 2007 JRRT
Foreign Policy Centre

Towards the cost of organising the inaugural Robin Cook Memorial Lecture.

£5,000 Democracy 2007 JRSST
IPPR - Institute of Public Policy Research

Towards the publication of a collection of essays examining the role of Liberalism in modern British politics.

£5,000 Democracy 2006 JRSST

Towards the cost of their Sustainable Meetings project.

£5,000 Democracy 2007 JRSST
Solent Peoples Theatre

To run a further series of community engagement events focussing on alternative electoral systems possible electoral reform. 'Who Runs This Place? Elections'- Workshop/Discussion Report.

£5,000 Democracy 2006 JRSST

Seed funding for the organisation.

£5,000 Issues 2007 JRSST
Comprehensive Future

To carry out research into the composition and admission processes of publicly funded faith secondary schools in London.

£5,000 Issues 2006 JRSST
Corporate Watch

To research, write and distribute a report into some of the key companies involved in the UK ’s nuclear industry.

£5,000 Issues 2006 JRSST
Localise West Midlands

For a feasibility study to make recommendations that could form the basis of a campaign for the West Midlands Office of National Statistics to adopt and develop regional inflation and household income indicators.

£5,000 Issues 2006 JRSST

To develop a campaign in Scotland seeking the abolition of the monarchy and an end to hereditary positions of power.

£5,000 Issues 2007 JRRT
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